Sarah Vachliotis


Sarah, is currently attending the Adler graduate school in Toronto. She is studying  play therapy through Play Therapy Canada and Play Therapy International. She is under clinical supervision from a clinical play therapist in the Toronto area. Sarah has extensive teaching experience in the performing arts and specializes in dramatic arts.  She realized that in teaching creative expressions such as: drama,music and dance she was more interested in her student’s emotional wellbeing, than their academic performance. Her interest in play therapy heightened when she realized that many of her students with behavior problems, learning disabilities and low self-esteem were greatly benefiting  from her play focused teaching. This prompted Sarah to explore the notions of therapeutic play when working with children.

Sarah’s focus in her practice is to use play therapy, as an effective and powerful therapeutic approach that will help a child be the best they can be. Children use play to act out their emotions, memories and fears. Sarah’s goal is to use this  form of therapeutic play to enable the child to explore repressed thoughts and emotions through their unconscious.  Play therapy has been widely researched as an effective and developmentally appropriate method for working with children dealing with the following types of concerns including: depression, grief, social adjustments, trauma, cognitive or speech difficulties, fear and anxiety, abuse, aggression/acting out behaviours, attachment difficulties, autism, chronic illness and disability, parental separation or divorce.



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