• Feeling wound up
  • Feel tight like a drum
  • Feel like you are “always behind on your activities”
  • irritability
  • feeling phsysiological symptoms of hearth palpitations, tightness in the chest, sweating.
  • Craving more foods high in fat lately
  • Finding it difficult to fall asleep at night
  • Wake up feeling nervous in the mornings 

Effective Stress Management Practice

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) by Kabat-Zinn (1990). This practice helps individuals with stress, chronic pain and illness (Majid, Seghatoleslam, Homan, Akhvast and Habil, 2012)
  • The principal behind the practice is to teach you to use your breathing as a mechanism to sooth yourself and reduce your stress hormones.
  • Studies show that mindfulness has long-term effects on the brain. It can protects against cortical thinning, so that you are cognitively more alert and robust.
  • Becoming a witness of yourself challenges you to change your relationship with your thoughts and emotions
  • Mindfulness increases ability to experience negative events with less physical reactivity.


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